drawings for sale

Today I added one item to my drawings for sale page: one of a kind custom drawn quotes and cats. I ordered some really nice eight inch square rag paper and am hoping to get some requests...eventually. I spent a lot of time perusing my newly acquired collection of gigantic quotations books, searching for little nuggets that go well with cats. It's fun to see the page fill up. More to come.

quotes and cats

it all started with a little line drawing of a cat. i was keeping notes in my journal from a book i was reading, and the two things came together. a cat and a quote. today at lunch my friend rachel called to my attention that both quotes and cats are popular on the internet. so i took her advice and started a website. soon i will have paintings (for sale) and more blog posts. not sure what the blog posts will be, but i'll cross that bridge when i come to it. this is what i have so far.